About Us

Find out about RSAF

Ringwood School Arts Foundation was established in 2010 by John Trapnell to help promote excellence in the arts at Ringwood School.

Ringwood School performances are an important aspect of the culture of Ringwood and make a large contribution to the local community.

Our current RSAF committee includes parents, teachers, business people and those with passion and experience in these sectors.

Committee Members – Academic Year 2023 – 2024

Chair – Geoffrey Ridgway
Treasurer – Jo Brooks
Trustee – Paul Fisher
Trustee – Allie Hack
Trustee – Sarah Irwin
Trustee – Sally Rickard
Trustee – Clare Rowden
Trustee – Jo Short

School Representatives:
Ian Hawkins, Head of Performing Arts
Leanne Symonds, Head Teacher

Get involved

The RSAF is constantly growing and developing and we need more help; so why not join in and help us with fundraising or at our events?  If you love music, drama, dance and helping young people you will have a lot of fun!  Please get in touch to find out how to join our merry band, just email us at marketing@rsaf.co.uk

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