Pedal for Performing Arts

It’s been a tough year for Performing Arts – and as Ringwood School’s programme of amazing shows, concerts and performances has not taken place, our usual fundraising activities have not been possible … but with your help, we can fill the gap!

Watch the video below where our Resident Artist, Mark Houston, explains the project and how, with your help, we can bring the West End to our school and inspire a generation of performers and create amazing opportunities for the students at Ringwood School!

We are embarking on a journey to raise £10,000 for RSAF before the end of the year.. and keep us all fit and healthy too!

It is 101 miles from Ringwood School to the heart of the West End and we thought it would be fun to cover that distance on bikes or by foot and clock up the miles between now and the end of the year.

We are inviting our students, staff, parents and supporters to join us in a sponsored activity we have called ‘Pedal for the Performing Arts!’ 

It might be difficult to get on a bike, or an exercise bike, at the moment but there are lots of different ways you could get there… bike, hike, dance or a combination – however, you like to exercise!  Alternatively, you could just make a donation.

Cycle 101 miles 2.3 miles a day over 44 days
Walk 101 miles 10 miles over 6 weekends and 7 miles during each of the 6 weeks
Walk (steps) 101 miles = 222,200 steps 10,000 steps over 22 days
Dance 101 minutes of dance each week 2 x 50 minute lessons or classes or a quick 15 minutes of dancing each day

Click on the link below to download a sponsorship form.

Participants can send their total amount raised by cash/cheque* with sponsorship forms to RSAF PPA, Ringwood School, Parsonage Barn Lane, Ringwood, BH24 1SE. (*Cheques payable to ‘RSAF’.)

Or make a bank transfer with the reference ‘PPA/Participant’s Name’ to RSAF – sort code: 30- 84-87, account number: 25846260. (Please state paid by bank transfer on your forms when you send them in).

If you are not a participant or sponsor, but would like to make a general donation to this campaign, you can make a bank transfer to RSAF sort code: 30- 84-87, account number: 25846260 with the reference “PPA Gift” or click the button below to donate via PayPal*.

(*PayPal charges us 2.9% commission so if you could add that to your payment we would really appreciate it.)

If you are a taxpayer, you may be able to boost your donation by completing a Gift Aid form Gift Aid it!.